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What monkeys do on Mondays

25 Apr

This morning, our aged labrador retriever mix, Jimmy, is stumbling around more than other days, crapped on the floor, tripped over his dog food (which he wouldn’t eat) and the water pan, and wandered aimlessly in the yard, dragging his back end behind him. We have been living with this now for a few months, but we made the decision today to call the vet to make that. final. appointment. This is the third dog we’ve made this call with this particular vet in the past seven years – not an easy thing to do, ever. But he is surely not happy these past few weeks and seems confused as to where he is or why he is. He crossed the line, finally, from cognizant and fairly able to disabled and out of his mind. Still, something in me wonders if this is the right time, and how to know that… it’s just one of those things about having pets and animals that adds to the equation.

So I don’t mean to bum you all out this morning – I’m normally a very positive happy person. But I can’t think of anything to post and Monkey seems very quiet on my shoulder.


I’m haunted.

22 Apr

I’m haunted by my classmate.

You know, being RISD, it really could be Tim Robbins.

Here’s Tim.

Here’s my classmate.


(excuse me while I put the monkey in a file drawer and lock it.




Okay, where were we? Here’s Tim Robbins:

and here is my classmate, Michelle:

Don’t you think it’s UNCANNY? I do.

mmmph! mmph!

Did you hear something?

Anyway, it’s Friday, class is over, I’ll never see Michelle/Tim again, and I can give up on this WordPress nonsense.

Day 3: It’s FRIDAY!

22 Apr

Monkey woke me up at 4:00 this morning thinking about ftp protocol, how little she knows about it, and whether we would learn anything today about it.  In conversation in class yesterday with the nice woman who looks like Tim Robbins (like, could be his twin), the subject of nomenclature and what a client might want came up.  Like Monkey say,

I wanna WordPress site!  

…and when you say, wait a second, what do you mean by that, Client Monkey? and Monkey say,

You know, the whole ftp cms thing!

…and then you know, they don’t know what they are talking about.  And because of that, neither do you.

So today I was determined to get a little more learning into me so when Clueless Monkey shakes me out of my slumber at 4:00 a.m and goes, “I want! What is? Maybe you should-” I can say, “Shuddup already.  I got it under control.”

And according to our lovely itinerary for our day, or in Academia how-you-say… syllabus, I am very excited to announce that this is precisely what we are learning today.  ftp protocol.  Remote access to our sites.  Building a wordpress site into an already existing domain.  Creating our sql database.  Sound exciting? JUST WAIT!

Day 2: No land in sight

21 Apr

Notes from WordPress class Day 2; April 21, 2011.

Monkey mad boss made us late for class!  Angry monkey

There there, Monkey.  Such is life.  Maybe you can get so good at this monkey business that Monkey can have a schedule of leisure.

So here goes.  Here are some interesting links we are looking at: – a fun way to generate names for your website.

Adobe Kuler – a very cool color coordinating application.

This morning’s class, Bryan is showing us all about background images and header images.

oo gad… now we’re setting up our MAMP sites.  More later.  ERg!


How monkey figured out to make home page not blog page

20 Apr

Monkey smart.  Monkey listen to teacher, then shove banana in ears.

Well, I took notes.

In dashboard:

Go to Settings

Choose Reading

In the little dialogue box, up top there, see where it says “Front Page Displays” – make that a static page and tell it which you want it to be.  Then you can do the same for posts.

Monkey BORED! Do something fun!


Monkey wants to know!

20 Apr

How to make a poll with WordPress:

Give the rubik’s cube to Curious Monkey so she don’t bother ya.

In dashboard, make yer poll (use polldaddy.)

Make a post or add your poll to the page by clicking where you want the poll, then picking that grey round circle in the Upload/Insert menu, pick your poll, n then choose Send To Editor.

Give your Curious Monkey some cheese.  DONE!

Using internet photographs

20 Apr

We need to give credit where credit is due. Our teacher Bryan taught us to use to search for photos for free, as long as, per license agreement, we credit the photo’s author.

Bad Monkey says Bah humbug.

Curious Monkey on Anj’s shoulder

20 Apr

On April 20th, I started my first WordPress class with Peg to help us better manage the Academic Affairs website.

I enlisted Curious Monkey to help me learn.  This is a document of our journey.


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