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Boy, you sure have a lot to do

25 Jul

Trim forsythia. (Trim? Hack?)
Catch up on work not done during vacation.
Salvation Army bag
Remind Zo – Insurance Waiver!
Remember to listen when she is talking about the dead fish she left on the porch at her Dad’s.
Don’t run. It’s not in the plan this week.
Grocery run to fill the yawning emptiness.
Brush the dogs. Brush the cats!
Mow, but if Tom mows, find something else equally choreworthy
Check facebook to find the girl in junior high who invited you up to her family camp in Maine one summer, where you learned to waterski, saw a snapping turtle, went photographing moose all the way to Quebec where you left your library book in the motel.
Tag the yard sale stuff
Sweep out the garage
Clean up the bikes and put air in my tires
Photograph corgis with phone as they sleep like the dead, sideways, drummies popped out in the sun on the porch.
Consider entering photographs into Corgi Obsession Fan Page.
Alpacas – deworm and toenails
Stare at the shimmery undersides of leaves while the sky slips through, blowing sunshine.
Text Z that she doesn’t have to check in, but it would be nice to know she wasn’t dead in a ditch.
E-mail with Judy. Feel aching missing gaping hole. Go grocery shopping again.
Watch Tom go out for a run. Make sideways “erk” face.
Put feet up.
Check Library E-Zone for any available title not Romance or Tea Party.
Make sure automatic bill pay is paying bills.
Check alumni e-mail.
Check under pile of un-resellable textbooks to find sellable scientific calculator, and sell it on e-bay.
Browse e-bay for that thing, remember?

Pick blueberries.
Text Z that you love her, more than anything, more than dirt.
Be a pest when Tom returns, asking how his run went, asking little details like, “was that guy out on the curve with the little jack russel making ‘slow down’ motions at all the cars?”
Take the dogs for a “walk” and end up on the back road, with no water, and three miles later hot in the sun carrying the one dog up the hill.
Scoop poop.
Return stuff to camper.
Research campgrounds for next trip.
Unearth old photographs and use that GROUPON!
Grill out, man.
Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.
Stare at self in mirror. Explore interesting ways of putting up hair with only overstretched bobby pins, stick hands on hips and yell “Kiss My Grits!”
Go to bed early Sunday night.
Dream of running.


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